Vocational experts with 100+ years of experience in the workers’ compensation

system in WA State.


The Story of Career Opportunities Group

Career Opportunities Group specializes in assisting industrially injured workers back to the workforce after sustaining a problematic injury. We have been proudly serving Washington State since 2002.


No matter what your role is in the claims process, we are experts and your partner in understanding the Washington State Labor and Industries Workers' compensation system. We aim to assist workers through their medical and vocational recovery without delays while educating all parties and providing resources about their options for the future.

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New York City

What We Specialize In

We strive to provide superior customer service beyond expectations.

Having an actual person to contact you as an injured worker, to ask questions and get answers. These people work in between Labor and Industry and you. I'm grateful for David Bacon to be that person for me. 


Thank you again, David,

- C.J.

“Sandra Thomas made me understand what my options were, the length of time I had to make my choices, and once the option that was best for me was made, she led me down the road to get there successfully!”

- S.M.

“Look no further. He listened when nobody else would listen. He helped when nobody else would help. He knows the system inside and out and helped us at each stage of the process.”

- N.G.