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The Progressive Goal Attainment Program® (PGAP) is an evidence-based treatment program for reducing disability associated with pain, depression, PTSD, cancer, and other chronic health conditions.


The goals of this 10-week program include reducing psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation progress, promote re-integration into life-role activities, increase the quality of life, and facilitate return to work. This powerful intervention helps clients increase their quality of life through activity reintegration.

Our PGAP Coaches are certified by PGAPWorks trainer and Founder, Dr. Michael Sullivan. Our PGAP Coaches work one on one with clients who have had significant disruptions to their activities of daily living because of their condition to find new meaning through activity reintegration.


Even if the goal is not to return to work, the PGAP can help clients regain a positive quality of life, learning to thrive within their current daily function through activity reintegration. Clients have said that PGAP helps them get their lives back. PGAP Coaches have said it is a pleasure to walk alongside the clients as they learn to take back their lives through this intervention.

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