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Our highly experienced staff has been working within the workers' compensation process for over 100 years. We understand that claims may be disputed or appealed, and we are here to help provide an objective opinion regarding the case. Our services include reviewing the case, providing a written report, and testimony.


Our Team has assisted with providing vocational evaluations on marital dissolution cases. Often times in marital dissolution cases, an opinion needs to be rendered regarding one of the spouse’s vocational ability and earning capacity. When a spouse has not worked, or their work history or educational background is outdated, our Team can assist in identifying an appropriate retraining plan for them, the cost of the retraining, as well as their earning potential after training.

Given our extensive experience working with individuals who have suffered injuries on the job, and the loss of earning capacity that can occur from injuries; we are also able to assist with personal injury cases. Our services include reviewing your case, providing a written report, and testimony.


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