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Vocational Counseling: Our team works collaboratively with all parties including the worker, employer, attending physician, treating care team, and claims manager to assist injured workers back to the workforce after sustaining an industrial injury. We work tirelessly to help the worker identify resources to assist them with job modifications, ergonomics, job search readiness activities, and return to work.


When developing a vocational rehabilitation training plan, we work to identify positions that encompass the worker’s interests, physical capacities, and aptitudes.

We provide the following services to the Department of Labor and Industries in adherence with WAC 296-19A and RCW 51.32.095:

  • Vocational recovery services

  • Vocational Assessment services

  • Plan development services

  • Plan implementation services

  • Stand Alone Job Analyses

  • Forensic Services

  • Resume Services

  • Legal Services

Call us to discuss how COG can benefit your organization: 206-547-4601

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