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We understand the unique challenges the Workers’ Compensation process presents for employers. Employers are already busy with their personnel, daily business practices, and products to have the time to be fully educated about how workers’ compensation claims can affect experience rating premiums. Many employers do not understand some of the basic prevention tools that exist to help save money within the workers’ compensation process.

We have the solutions and tools to save you time and money. Our services include but are not limited to:


Job postings: Producing effective job postings can help you recruit excellent personnel to support your mission and business best practices.

Job descriptions: Producing effective job descriptions helps you reference appropriate training and tools to meet your workforce needs and recruit excellent candidates.

Job analyses: A job analysis outlines the essential functions and physical demands of positions. Developing a job analysis bank can help save you time and money when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. It can also act as a tool for recruiting appropriate candidates for the position.

Return-to-work programs: One of the most effective tools in the workers’ compensation process is to have a functional return to work program. Developing a return to work program up front helps prevent confusion for all parties, and prevention of a repeated work product. Your main right in the workers’ compensation process as the liable employer is to offer physically appropriate work to workers. Returning a worker to work helps workers reconnect with the workforce, helps your business by providing meaningful work, and helps you save money by keeping your experience ratings low.

Ergonomic Assessments: An ergonomic assessment is an effective preventative tool to reduce workers’ compensation claims. Our Ergonomic Team can help educate on proper posture and positioning of equipment, as well as make recommendations for accommodations.

On-site analysis: Let us come to you and devise an appropriate prevention and reduction of injury plan that is right for your unique business.

Claim consultations: Let our experienced staff discuss your unique and specific claims questions. We can help develop an appropriate plan for you going forward to reduce and save money.

Call us to discuss how COG can benefit your organization: 206-547-4601

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