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Career Opportunities Group is here to help! We understand the unique challenges the Workers’ Compensation system presents for employers. We have the solutions and tools to save you time and money. Our services include but are not limited to, job posting, job descriptions, job analyses, return-to-work plans, ergonomic assessments, on-site analysis, and claim consultations.

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Vocational interest and aptitude testing assist clients in determining an appropriate career field for their future. Our Testers are trained at administering, scoring, and interpreting the following tests:

  • Career Scope

  • WRAT5

  • Keirsey Temperament

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The PGAP is an evidence-based treatment program for reducing disability associated with pain, depression, PTSD, cancer, and other chronic health conditions. The goals of this 10-week program include reducing psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation progress, promote re-integration into life-role activities, increase the quality of life, and facilitate return to work. This powerful intervention helps clients increase their quality of life through activity reintegration.


Our PGAP Coaches are certified by PGAPWorks trainer and Founder, Dr. Michael Sullivan.

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A refined living resume is an important component of a job search. Our highly trained staff can help you synthesize your resume to get recognized in your targeted job search. Our 3-hour flat rate resume services include reviewing your completed work history and educational background information, a 1-hour interview to understand your accomplishments and story, and a polished resume for your job search efforts.


Flat rate: $295.00.

Contact us directly to discuss resume writing workshops.

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Did you know a majority of workplace injuries are preventable? Career Opportunities Group offers Ergonomic Evaluation Consultation services to assist workers and employers in injury prevention. Ergonomic evaluations study how employees work and identify the ergonomic risks such as repetitive tasks that can cause strains, improper work area setup, and improper use of tools which can result in the development of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.


Evaluations provide education to help employees limit their risk of injury and provide employers with recommendations for injury prevention and accommodations to help employees stay healthy and productive at work.

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Our team works collaboratively with all parties including the worker, employer, attending physician, treating care team, and claims manager to assist injured workers back to the workforce after sustaining an industrial injury. We work tirelessly to help the worker identify resources to assist them with job modifications, ergonomics, job search readiness activities, and return to work.


When developing a vocational rehabilitation training plan, we work to identify positions that encompass the worker’s interests, physical capacities, and aptitudes.


We provide the following services to the Department of Labor and Industries in adherence with WAC 296-19A and RCW 51.32.095:

  • Vocational recovery services

  • Vocational Assessment services

  • Plan development services

  • Plan implementation services

  • Stand Alone Job Analyses

  • Forensic Services

  • Resume Services

  • Legal Services

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Our highly experienced staff can review your case, and provide a thorough analysis, assessment, report, and testimony. We specialize in marital dissolution, personal injury, civil litigation, and Board of Industrial Insurance appeals cases.

Call us to discuss how COG can benefit your organization: 206-547-4601

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